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Question no.1 Discuss Aristotle’s view of literature as imitation.

Answer no.1 Though Plato did not appreciate poetry, but his disciple Aristotle had a great respect for poets, and tragic poets in specific. For him tragic poetry was greater than even that of the epic. Aristotle modified the existing order about the poetry to from his own perception about it and in that perception Homer and Hesiod were at the top. Aristotle puts his idea in a very logical manner to redefine the case of the theater; he also argued that that tragedy is the most sublime of all the genres. what we need to look at is the contribution of Aristotle in revealing the tragic performance and by extension the theatre as a complete art, the art which not only consists of dialogues, characters and plot, but also the elements of spectacle of music and dance.

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How IGNOU MEG 05 SOLVED Assignment expired?

IGNOU University always submit latest Assignment.

For Example

How IGNOU MEG 5 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT expired? for example If your session is January 2022, then you have to submit the Assignment before 30th September. If the date is not extended and you have not submitted the Assignment, then you will have to submit the Assignment in the next session, After that the Assignments of January 2022 will expire, you will have to submit the latest Assignments.

Can IGNOU MEG 05 SOLVED Assignments be submitted after last date?

IGNOU SOLVED ASSIGNMENT have to be submitted before the deadline given by IGNOU University. last date for submission of Assignment for JULY 2022 session is 31st March 2023 & the last date for Submission of Assignment for JANUARY 2023 session is 30th September 2023. If you have forgotten to submit the Assignment or your Assignment is not completed before the last date. then you have to wait for the second session to submit the assignment.

How to write MEG 05 SOLVED Assignment in IGNOU?

Before writing the assignment, the student should read all the points carefully. Most of the candidates are confused about the front page whether it should be made or not, so let us tell you that it is mandatory to make the front page for all the assignments. It is easy for the evaluator to understand from the first page itself. Foolscap size paper or A4 size paper should be used in the IGNOU MEG 5 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT. The assignment should be written on a heavy page. Assignment should not be written on thin pages.

How can we check our MEG 05 Solved Assignment status, Marks & Result?

All the candidates are confused about the status of bad assignment submission which they can make by doing hard work. We can make the release process easy for the students like they will be able to find the assignment status, marks and result. Visit this link to the official website of IGNOU.

Assignment/Practical/Project Submission Date/Checking:-

  • First enter your Enrollment Number 9 digit.
  • Enter the Program Code.
  • Then click on the submit button. you will get the your assignment result on the screen.

Where to submit IGNOU MEG 05 SOLVED Assignment?

First of all, candidates should finish answering all the questions of their Assignment. Then candidates must write some details of the front page.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Enrollment Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Study Center
  • Program Code
  • Course Code
  • Course Title
  • Assignment Number

Then go to the study center and submit the Assignment, do not forget to take the receipt of the Assignment.



For Enrolled in July 2022 : – 30th April 2023

For Enrolled in January 2022 : – 31th October 2023

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