Program Code : MCA (July 2022- January 2023)

 IGNOU MCA Solved assignment 2022-2023

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NOTE : Handwritten Assignments also Available.

MCA 1st Semester

MCS 011Problem Solving and ProgrammingDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS 012Computer Organisation and Assembly
Language Programming
MCS 013Discrete MathematicsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS 014Systems Analysis and DesignDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS 015Communication SkillsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSL 016Internet Concepts and Web Design (Lab Course)DOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSL 017C and Assembly Language ProgrammingDOWNLOAD-30RS.

MCA 2nd Semester

MCS 021Data and File StructuresDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS 022Operating System Concepts and Networking
MCS 023Introduction to Database Management SystemsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS 024Object Oriented Technologies and Java ProgrammingDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSL 025Lab CourseDOWNLOAD-30RS.

MCA 3rd Semester

MCS-031Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-032Object Oriented Analysis and DesignDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-033Advanced Discrete MathematicsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-034Software EngineeringDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-035Accountancy and Financial ManagementDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSL-036Lab course for OOAD, S/E and Accountancy &
Financial Management

MCA 4th Semester

MCS-041Operating SystemsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-042Data Communication and Computer NetworkDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-043Advanced Database Management SystemsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-044Mini ProjectDOWNLOAD-30RS.

MCA 5th Semester

MCS-051Advanced Internet technologiesDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-052Principles of Management and Information SystemsDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCS-053Computer Graphics and MultimediaDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSL-054Laboratory CourseDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSE-003Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge ManagementDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSE-004Numerical and Statistical ComputingDOWNLOAD-30RS.
MCSE-011Parallel ComputingDOWNLOAD-30RS.


How to write Assignment in IGNOU?

Before writing the assignment, the student should read all the points carefully. Most of the candidates are confused about the front page whether it should be made or not, so let us tell you that it is mandatory to make the front page for all the assignments. It is easy for the evaluator to understand from the first page itself. Foolscap size paper or A4 size paper should be used in the assignment. The assignment should be written on a heavy page. Assignment should not be written on thin pages.

How can we check our Assignment status, Marks & Result?

All the candidates are confused about the status of bad assignment submission which they can make by doing hard work. We can make the release process easy for the students like they will be able to find the assignment status, marks and result. Visit this link to the official website of IGNOU.



Assignment/Practical/Project Submission Date/Checking:-

  • First enter your Enrollment Number 9 digit.
  • Enter the Program Code.
  • Then click on the submit button. you will get the your assignment result on the screen.



For Enrolled in July 2022 : – 31st March 2023

For Enrolled in January 2022 : – 31th October 2023

Note – Hard Copy also available

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FAQs Related to IGNOU Solved Assignment

Q1. How can I check my IGNOU 2022 Assignment status?

ANS:- Firstly check official website/click this link.

enter your enrollment number then select your program code. Then click on the submit button. you will get the your assignment result on the screen.

Q2. What happens if IGNOU assignment is not submitted?

ANS:- It is compulsory for all the candidates of IGNOU to submit the assignment before the last date, if someone does not submit the assignment, then he/she cannot appear for the exam conducted by IGNOU.

Q3. How to Download IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022 -2023 ?

ANS:- First of all click the link given below:-

Now you will see the Home page of the website now you click your program code then you click BUY cross you will get the assignment.

Q4. Is IGNOU solved assignment are Available ?

ANS:- Each and Every IGNOU solved assignment available Here, These assignments help students who are not able to make assignments.

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